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Primary School Teacher

You’ll be taught by inspiring staff who all have experience in the classroom, you’ll get to find your ideal school and your ideal teaching style to allow you to become the best teacher you can be!

Why I chose Leeds Trinity University

I applied to Leeds Trinity without looking at it because I needed a fifth choice for a UCAS form, I quite liked the sound of moving to Leeds and I didn’t want to live in Leeds City Centre. My first time on campus was my interview day and I instantly fell in love with the place. The small campus and friendly atmosphere really appealed to me. I was greeted by really enthusiastic student ambassadors and primary ed staff who made me feel at ease and welcomed to the campus. From that day, I discounted any other university and knew that Leeds Trinity would be where I thrived.

My best student memories

My best memories from Leeds Trinity have come from the friendships I made whilst I was there. With it being so small, everyone does know everyone and I made so many great friendships. I worked at the university as an ambassador which allowed me to meet loads of different people off different courses and in different years as well as the people I met in halls and in lectures. Our group for Primary Education got on really well and we all always had a laugh with each other and the staff and socialised outside of lectures too. We all do still stay in touch now we are NQTs as well.

Jack Cooper in classroom.

Setting me up for a career in teaching

My three years at Leeds Trinity have really set me up for my career in teaching. The placements in contrasting schools, getting to teach a wide variety of subject to different year groups opened my eyes to the different types of schools in the area and allowed me to be pushed out of my comfort zone and try new things. The inspiring lecturers gave me loads of ideas which I use in my teaching today and I hope their passion for teaching comes off to my class in my teaching too.

Support networks on campus

I really made use of the Learning Hub in my second and third year. The advisers were great and enabled me to improve both my academic writing skills and referencing skills which really helped me to do so well with my degree. Being a Student Ambassador and working with the Student Recruitment Team also gave me a great support network of staff and ambassadors. This allowed me to grow in confidence.

I felt very well supported through both the university-based study and school-based training. My personal tutor (Milly) was amazing and always had time for anyone if you had any issues or needed help and Robert (who sadly is no longer with us) was an amazing link tutor whilst I was out on my placements.

My NQT role 

After graduating I was successful in securing a teaching position at an average sized primary school in South Leeds as a Year 3/4 mixed class teacher. I work in a very different school to the ones I trained in and the ones I have seen before and we do things very differently to how I was taught at Leeds Trinity, but again I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone with this school and it’s the training I received from Leeds Trinity that made me confident to do that.

NQT support

The university remained in contact during my NQT year and I was in touch with some of the Primary Education academic team as well as being able to take advantage of the Leeds Trinity NQT network for support. On top of this I’ve had great support from a mentor who is experienced and supportive of the stage I am in with my career. Working in a school where the Senior Leadership Team are hugely supportive has also been an amazing benefit.

My advice to others considering teacher training at Leeds Trinity 

I would highly recommend the course to anyone considering Leeds Trinity for teacher training. You’ll be taught by inspiring staff who all have experience in the classroom, you’ll get to find your ideal school and your ideal teaching style to allow you to become the best teacher you can be!