About the company

Roth Read Photography, based in Leeds and founded by partners Perrin Read and Lincoln Roth, was launched in 2016 with a focus on providing a personalised and creative photographic experience that clients enjoy. Before Perrin and Lincoln met, they both had ambitions to be a photographer, and this became a reality when they joined forces and started Roth Read Photography.


Perrin and Lincoln had ambitious plans to provide a photographic experience for both individuals and businesses; therefore, the business was set up with two strands: a commercial strand, focusing on creative business head shots, business portraits and bespoke stock images, and a personal strand, focusing on individual portraits, tailored to the clients’ wishes.

Project Objectives

Perrin and Lincoln were keen to increase their online presence to make their services known. The challenge was knowing how to portray their unique selling point on their website, whilst juggling their other social media accounts.


Perrin and Lincoln decided to attend the Leeds Trinity Business Network event, where they were made aware of the Ad:Venture programme which offers support to businesses under three years old. They attended marketing and social media workshops at Leeds Trinity University and received support from academics Mark Sebright – who offered advice for their website – and Liz Cable – who offered  guidance on utilising social media.

Following this, Roth Read Photography built up their online presence and forged strong connections with other businesses and clients. This was especially important during the virtual movement brought about by COVID-19. Alongside this, Perrin and Lincoln conduct podcasts and interviews, provide feedback to small businesses regarding images they use on their websites and regularly write columns for two Yorkshire business magazines.

Moving forward, Perrin and Lincoln hope to develop further relationships with commercial businesses, specifically media companies and videographers to broaden their clientele. Currently, 90% of their customers are commercial; therefore, they aim to continue to promote their business so that the personal strand of their business takes off as successfully as their commercial.


After attending a Leeds Trinity Ad:Venture marketing workshop, Perrin commented: “It really opened our eyes to the power of marketing, how important it is to identify our client and the importance of a marketing plan. We realised the need to have a more photography-friendly website and that it was necessary to go forward, driving the same messages clearly and consistently.”

Equally, having the individual support sessions from Mark and Liz provided additional guidance on how best to market their business. Perrin added: ”Mark’s feedback on our website was a gamechanger and it was really the push we needed to review and rebuild our website. He also demonstrated that we need to be able to adjust to the trend – you can’t keep pushing on with what isn’t selling. The commercial side of our business is the one that has taken off and we’re really pleased that we followed it, rather than digging our heels in.

”The most important feedback we received from Liz was the work we needed to do on our LinkedIn profile”. This is now at the forefront of their business and has helped them create valuable connections to potential clients and businesses. ”Liz also mentioned the importance of reviews, so we requested and received more of these, and we now have around 20 on our website,” added Perrin.

Overall, Perrin and Lincoln found the support from the Leeds Trinity Ad:Venture programme invaluable. They said: “It is all the advice a small business could need, given expertly, willingly and remarkably, at no cost. Whether we’re attending a course or a networking event, we always come away wiser and more knowledgeable.”

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