As a Leeds Trinity University student, we will actively encourage you to spend time studying abroad.

You'll make new friends, develop new skills and have life-changing experiences. Students who spend time abroad gain a maturity and outlook that prospective employers love.

Most undergraduate students can study abroad for a period of time during their course at Leeds Trinity, to find out if you can study abroad, please check your course page to confirm.

How study abroad works

There are two options, depending on your course.

If your course allows it, you can study abroad for one semester during your second year (this will be your third year if you’re a Foundation Year student) or go abroad for a full academic year between your second and third years (this would be in between your third and fourth if you’re a Foundation Year student).

Semester abroad

You will study for one semester at one of our partner universities.

  • You will take modules which match your LTU course.
  • This semester is a pass/fail, you need to pass the semester to progress onto your final year.
  • You will get to experience how your course is taught in another country.
  • You will pay tuition fees to LTU as normal – no extra fee for participating in the programme other than travel and usual living expenses.

Full-year abroad

You will go abroad for a full academic year at one of our partner universities. You will then return to Leeds Trinity to complete your final year and with all the extra knowledge and experience under your belt will graduate from a four-year course with ‘International’ added to your degree.

  • You can study at any partner university, giving you a choice between 30+ destinations across the world.
  • In this extra year, you can go in-depth in a particular aspect of your academic discipline or mix and match modules from any subject of your interest.
  • Your tuition fee for the ‘sandwich year’ is capped (currently £1,385 23/24) meaning you get more education at a fraction of the usual cost and still receive student loans for the year.
  • Get the full experience of living in another culture and country and make friends for life.

Where can I go?

Below you can find our full list of study-abroad destinations - please note partner universities are subject to change: 




South Korea



North America



How to apply

Start your study abroad journey by following three simple steps:

Research your options

Start by reading all the information on this page. Narrow your search to a couple of destinations and have a look at partner universities’ websites. It is also a good idea to attend a Study Abroad Info Session.

Discuss your options

You must meet with the Study Abroad Coordinator in your department to make sure they support your plans to study abroad. Do this as early in the process as possible because some courses recommend a certain semester for going abroad.

You will need to discuss your plans with the Global Mobility Team to get an application form, you can book an appointment by emailing

Submit your application

Once you've completed the Study Abroad Application Form, you must have it signed by the Study Abroad Coordinator in your department and send it to by the application deadline of 31st January (please note this includes applications for semester one and semester two exchange applications).